How to Secure Your Artificial Tree in a Pot for Outside.

There really are 2 ways that you can secure your artificial tree into a decorative pot for outside.  In this blog I am going to suggest how to secure the tree into the pot if you do not need to keep moving it.  A lot of businesses need to be able to bring the artificial trees in at night for safe keeping so the pots then need to be light enough to lift up but heavy enough not to blow over.  I will explain this method in another blog.

So lets assume that you have bought something like the artificial buxus topiary pyramid tree 100cm and it is going into the garden either on the patio or by the door - in which case you probably need 2 (ok but you can't blame me for trying to upsell!)  You have got your decorative planter that is around 35cm high and 35cm diamenter.  As this tree is not going to have to be moved then I would suggest going to the the local builders merchant or DIY store such as B & Q and picking up either a 20kg or 25kg bag of coloured stone.

There should be quite a selection from purple flint to cotswold stone and down here in Somerset the price is around the £7.00 per bag.  I think that the builders merchant will be cheaper than getting it from the garden centre.

I would then pour a bit of the stone into the planter then sit the pot that the artificial tree comes in, into the pot,  this way you get the most out of the tree and you can see some of the natural trunk.  Obviously if you want the foliage to sit on the top of the planter and no trunk showing then put the pot straight into your decorative pot.

Then just fill up the decorative pot with the rest of the stone.  I would either leave the water drainage hole if the pot has one or if not then if you can make a couple of small holes quite near the bottom of the pot in order for the rain water to drain away.

This way the pot is nice and heavy so that it will not blow over and it is really as simple as tipping a bag of coloured stone into the decorative pot.


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