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How to make an artificial hanging basket

A lot of people ask me how to make up an artificial hanging basket, so here goes.

You will need a hanging basket or cone or whatever shape you want but this needs to have a polythene lining in it.  

You will need a cannister of expanding foam (don't buy from me as it is a lot cheaper from B & Q or the builders merchants, it is heavy to ship which is why it is expensive from me)  You should be paying around £5 - £8.00.  You want the cannister that has the tube attached to it otherwise you would need a special nozzle to squirt  the foam out.  One large cannister will do 6 no: 12" round baskets so have several ready as you cannot use the cannister again once you start it.  Warm the cannister in hot water for a few minutes as this gets it to go further.

I spray a little cold water on to the polythene lining to help the foam adhere to it.  Take the warmed cannister, give it a good shake, screw the tube into the top, hold the cannister upside down and squirt.  The secret is not to squirt too much in!  Stop at about quarter full.  This foam rises slowly over the next few hours and sometimes it sends out extra bits of foam that make "interesting" shapes!!  These can be cut down with a sharp knife when the foam has set.  I leave the foam for 24 hours to set as the top seems quite hard but the middle takes some time to cure.  If you have accidentally squirted too much foam in and it rises over the top of the basket you can just cut it down with a sharp knife.

After 24 hours I spray glue onto the foam and then stick preserved moss on to the foam to give a nice dressing on top but to be honest you do not need to as the top of the basket will not really be seen once the artificial plants are in there.

Then the fun part, you purchase artificial ivy, (you want the 30cm for a short basket and the 60cm for a long basket) I put 3 artificial ivy in a 12" basket. Artificial pansy bushes  (I use 5 artificial pansy bushes in a 12" basket) and stick them into the foam, you can take them out and replace with new ones in a couple of years time without having to need to re-foam the basket.

Alternatively you could just purchase the whole artificial flowering basket already made up and ready to go from me!

I hope that this helps, don't forget I am at the end of an email or the telephone if you want to discuss this further. sales@plantsenhance.com  01934 524861

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Last Modified: 12/07/2012
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Dawn - 06/01/2016

This is a great article, I tried purchasing Ever Build expanding foam from B&Q but they don't seem to stock it locally. But I noticed Screwfix do 'No Nonsense' expanding foam....would this be a suitable alternative? As long as the expanding foam has the tube down the side then it will be ok to use.
Jan - 28/04/2014

Thank you very much for this. Just what I've been looking for.
Dee - 14/10/2013

Hi, Please could you tell me what is the best foam/oasis/filler to use to secure artificial flowers into outdoor hanging baskets? My concern is that if the foam gets wet it will deteriorate, and I would like them to last. Many Thanks Kind regards Dee Hi Dee No the expanding foam is ideal for the wet weather although if I am planting a fibre-glass planter or similar I do make some small holes near the bottom to let the water drain out. If it is hanging baskets then the water drains out anyway.
Holly James - 05/08/2013

This is a great tutorial! I have a couple hanging basket planters but have wanted more and inside. The thing is, I'm so picky and it seems there aren't many indoor planters! Now I can make my own, personalize it, and love it! Thanks for sharing! http://www.bloommaster.com/store/categories.php?category=Hanging-Baskets

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