Artificial Banana Bunch

Artificial Banana Bunch
Artificial Banana Bunch Artificial Banana Bunch
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There are 3 artificial banana's joined in a bunch.  Each fake banana is approximately 20cm/8" long and each banana has a circumference of approximately 14cm/5".

The banana's themselves are really good and the ends are very realistic as is the colouring of the banana's.  What lets it down is how the banana's are joined together, they are joined in a rubber type "blob!"  I have taken a close up image of this so that you can see what I mean.  

I was uncertain whether to include them on the site but I know that a lot of people do want a bunch of bananas for display purposes so I am putting them on but I would suggest using this bunch of bananas with other artificial fruit so that you could slightly hide the bunch end.  I would welcome any feed back on this product.


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