Guides on how to

How to plant up a artificial hanging basket from scratch.

Serves around 6 hanging baskets based on 30cm/12” diameter.


Empty hanging basket – one that has a polythene liner or is a solid are best as you will be using Expanding Foam to fill the basket.  Willow ones with liner are around £7.00 from a well know auction site.

Cannister of Expanding Foam – I use Everbuild Fix & Fill – you want the one that is hand held and has a plastic tube down the side.  Available from buiilders merchants and a well know auction site for around £7.00 for a 750ml cannister.  The big DIY stores will be a lot more expensive for the same thing.

Artificial plants from Plants Enhance – of course!

Optional ingredients

Cannister of spray glue available where you get the Expanding Foam from

Dried and preserved moss – around £7.00 from that auction site and hobby sites.


 First fill a bucket or bowl with hot water and put the cannister of expanding foam in it.  If you heat the foam just before using you will get a lot more out of the cannister.  I leave it in the water for a few minutes and swirl the cannister around to heat all the foam.  There are clear instructions how to use the foam on the side of the cannister – basically secure the tube and hold it upside down and press.  Remember that it expands so don’t fill more than half of the basket, actually keep it just under half way.

I do about 6 baskets at a time – I spread them out in the garden so that I can go from one to the other quickly.  Before putting the foam in sprinkle some cold water on the lining of the baskets this just helps the foam to adhere to the liner.  I have never tried the coco liners but I don’t think that the foam would stick to that.  I tuck the chain around the outside of the basket so that it is out of the way.

Leave for 24 hours before attempting to do the next stage.  The top of the foam may appear set but the middle will not be as it is a lot of foam to cure.
I put a cover of dried, preserved moss on top of my baskets but you do not have to do this as usually the top of the basket will be not seen as the baskets are up higher than you can see – well especially me as I am quite short!!

If you want to do this then use the spray glue over the foam – hold it away from yourself otherwise you end up with glue on you as well – yes ok I learnt the hard way – then stick the moss on top, press firmly down and leave for a little while to dry.

Put the chain of the basket so that the hook is in the middle of the basket on top of the foam.  This nicely then divides the basket in to 3 sections.
In a 30cm/12” basket I use 3 ivy bushes and 5 pansy bushes – 3 around the outside with 2 in the middle.

You then have a lovely colourful hanging basket ready to hang up.  When the pansy bushes start to look “tired” then just remove them and replace with new ones from – yes – Plants Enhance.

Don’t worry about the rain as the foam will not soak it up and in the wicker baskets the water just drains naturally but if you have a solid basket then you may need to put in a couple of drainage holes.

If you have any questions then just get in touch with me, 01278 641793.