About Us

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to read this and look at my website and I hope that you find all you are looking for.

I started PLANTS ENHANCE in 1987 and to begin with I was working with live plants.  I rented out the plants to offices and commercial premises and then watered and maintained them every two weeks in order to keep them looking good and changing any plants and trees that were not at their best.

I soon realised that some areas of the offices where just not right for live plants and I was going to have to go down the route of artificial plants.  Now I am not at all arty or crafty and cannot arrange a flower for anything so I struggled to begin with taking a flat artificial plant and making it look life like.  Also the standard of the artificial plants and trees on offer was not only very limited but they also looked like plastic.

I have seen the standard of artificial plants and trees as well as flowers just come on in leaps and bounds and it is sometimes difficult to tell the real from the fake.  I gradually learnt how to arrange the fake plants but the artificial side was only used if the live plants could not survive.

PLANTS ENHANCE was very much a family business with my husband and all three children joining me in the business at various times.  The husband and I parted in 2007 but all three children remained with PLANTS ENHANCE.  My eldest son, Oliver had taken over the running of the live side of the plants employing his brother and sister to water the plants – yes it was interesting sometimes! 

Around 2008 Oliver and I decided to break into the world of ecommerce and PLANTS ENHANCE ON LINE was born.  Shipping live plants would be a real headache so we decided to concentrate on the artificial plant side.  I found myself working on a computer all day and gradually I got the hang of this strange world of not only computers but also websites.  We were still using the abacus when I was at school so this was very much new territory for me.

Oliver married and moved away and it was agreed it would be easier to split the businesses and he would stay with the live side and I would take the website on.

It is the best move – well apart from marrying my TNT driver back in 2011! – that I have ever made.  I love it, I like sourcing new plants and trees and I really have a passion for the artificial fruit and am always on the look out for more to stock.  I love chatting to you either on the phone or by email and I even take my own images now which was another massive learning curve.

Anyway I am sure that you are now ready to go into a darkened room and lie down so I will say thank you so much for reading this and more importantly looking around the website.  I hope you find what you are looking for if you can’t or want any help then just email or give me a ring on 01278 641793.