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I started PLANTS ENHANCE in 1987 and to begin with I was working with live plants.  I rented out the plants to offices and commercial premises and then watered and maintained them every two weeks in order to keep them looking good and changing any plants and trees that were not at their best.

I soon realised that some areas of the offices where just not right for live plants and I was going to have to go down the route of artificial plants.  Now I am not at all arty or crafty and cannot arrange a flower for anything so I struggled to begin with taking a flat artificial plant and making it look life like.  Also the standard of the artificial plants and trees on offer was not only very limited but they also looked like plastic.

I have seen the standard of artificial plants and trees as well as flowers just come on in leaps and bounds and it is sometimes difficult to tell the real from the fake.  I gradually learnt how to arrange the fake plants but the artificial side was only used if the live plants could not survive.

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How to Secure Artificial Trees Outside

I have done a blog explaining how to plant up your chosen tree that is going outside when you do not need to move it.  A lot of businesses though put artificial trees either side of the entrance doorway but then need to bring them in at night for safe keeping.  Therefore the pot has to be heavy enough not too blow away but light enough to be able to be moved.  The method of tipping 20kg of coloured stone in as I have talked about in my previous blog would make the pot way too heavy.

So the answer is expanding foam.  Whilst I have got it for sale on the site you can get it a lot cheaper by going to the local builders merchant and you are going to want some coloured stone anyway to give a top dressing.  The expanding foam is the same as builders and plumbers use to fill gaps, it does what it says on the tin and expands to fill the void.  Make sure that you get the cannister that has a nozzle on the side of it otherwise you will need a special gun to use the foam.  I reckon to pay around £7 per cannister and one cannister will do a pot measuring 35cm - 40cm high and diameter.

I use polyestrene to fill the gap around the trees pot and the decorative pot and also to sit the trees pot on if I want to gain some more height or make sure that the truck is showing as much as possible.  Again the builders merchant should have polystrene as is it used for insulation, you don't need loads and sometimes I get some from the local hardware shop that sells washing machines etc as it is waste for them.

So you have the tree in the pot and have taken up some of the void with the polystrene or simalar packing material.  Put the cannister of expanding foam in hot water for a few minutes, giving it a shake a couple of times to heat up all the liquid - this way you get more out of the cannister.  Take the nozzle off the side and screw into the top - obviously full instructions are on the side of the cannister - then hold up side down and squirt.  It's actually quite good fun.  Fill the void to just over half way but then stop because this foam will - yes you guessed it! Expand.

Leave this to do "its stuff" for 24 hours.  Although the top of the foam will seem set the underneath will not be as it is a lot of foam to cure.  If the foam is too high then just take a sharp knife and cut it down so that there is about 15cm-20cm gap between the top of the planter and the foam.

This gap then needs filling with some coloured stone, flint or gravel.  A 20kg bag should be around £7.00 from the builders merchant, I think it is more expensive in the garden centres though.

If you are worried about children getting the stones and throwing them or anything like that then you can mix the stones with PVA glue which although white to begin with this will dry clear so that no one realises that the top dressing is glued.

I know that it sounds like a lot of hard work but it is not really and don't  forget you can always contact me and we can talk about it on the phone or via email.


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